Why Travelling With Tripole Rucksack Is The Best

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Tripole Rucksack Review

I’m someone who enjoys hiking and trekking as much as I enjoy exploring new towns and cities. Hence finding a universal bag that would accompany me on all my trips and treks was very crucial for me. When I went shopping for my first rucksack, I felt like I was Harry Potter picking out his wand. At first, everything felt wrong. From rucksacks to backpacks, I checked everything. Even empty backpacks were surprisingly heavy and tugged on my shoulders, causing me pain within minutes of pulling them on.

Front-loading packs were too wide and looked ridiculous. Backpacks I liked were either too long for my tiny frame or way too expensive for my budget.

My first rucksack caused so much backpain during a trek that I discarded it as soon as I got back home. Carrying a heavy suitcase is not something that would work during treks or even solo backpack trips for that matter.

After years of searching for a rucksack that looks good while maintaining its functionalities as well as making my life as a solo traveler a little easier, I finally got my hands on Tripole’s Walker 65 litres rucksack.

It came in a beautiful sea green and grey combination. I carried it for my winter trip to Lahaul which had a combination of off-roads, hikes, hostel stays and difficult temperatures. The rucksack accompanied me through the Dhauladhar mountains of Manali to the trans-Himalayan ranges in Lahaul. Here’s my review of how the rucksack performed during the trip.

Let’s first begin with a basic overview of the rucksack’s specification that will be useful for you to consider before buying. Tripole Walker series comes in 2 sizes: 55 Litres and 65 Litres. I picked 65 litres cause it comes with additional upper compartment to pack my jackets.

tripole rucksack
Tripole Walker Rucksack

Why Should You Choose Tripole Walker Rucksack

  1. Perfect Capacity & Enhanced Durability

The products are of excellent quality. Tripole manufactures rucksacks for Indian Army so you can imagine the kind of load the rucksack can take, they are designed keeping durability and functionality as key factors.

I went on a shopping spree during my stay in Manali and ended up with heavy woollen wear. I had to pack all of that in the rucksack. Oh boy! The bag can really take the load.

I had my laptop since I was working on the go, had my camera gear and few gadgets on as well. So initially while I was packing, I was slightly worried that all my stuff won’t fit into Tripole rucksack. Since the rucksack has multiple compartments, it was easy to pack everything in one bag. I used the top compartment for storing handy items and the bottom most area for keeping dirty items like used socks, my slippers and even a couple of laundry items. You can use this bottom compartment to keep sleeping bag in case of camping. How cool is that! I’m looking forward to using the bag on a camp trip now.

  1. Perfect fit & Ease of Use

This is the second most important reason for you to consider this rucksack. Tripole Walker comes with a flexible hipbelt that allows you to shorten and extend the belt to fit your body perfectly. You can easily pull them in and out without having to fiddle with the straps.

The rucksack comes with an airmesh backpanel which prevents any weird seams to cause unnecessary pressure point on your body which is extremely important when you have to carry it for long hours every day

I have a weak shoulder and was wondering how’ll carry the rucksack for a long time without hurting my shoulder blades and spine, that’s where the chest strap came handy. The elastic attachment gave space for easy movability and the rucksack comes with adjustable shoulder straps as well to fit every body type.

  1. Dual Access Side Pockets

Another little detail added to the Walker series that makes it one of the best rucksacks to buy, is the dual access mesh side pockets that allow you to have access to your water bottles without having to put your bag down. I carried a Lifetsraw water bottle and a thermo flask since I was traveling during extreme winter and this feature made is so easy for me to keep both the bottles separately.

Apart from this, the bag also has space for attaching carabiners for additional storage and elastic loops for keeping hiking poles if needed.

  1. Comes with a Rain Cover

The backpack also comes with a free rain cover attached inside its own compartment at the bottom. This was such a blessing in disguise as it started snowing one of the days when we were hiking in Lahaul.

  1. Budget-friendly

With all these features, it comes at a pocket-friendly price inclusive of 3-year warranty. The bags are priced at 2475 INR at the moment.

  1. Made In India

I believe in supporting home grown brands and Tripole is one of the finest outdoor gear manufacturer in India. Supporting a local business gives not just a scope for the business but also helps build trust in Indian brands.

Apart from all of this, the rucksack comes with 3 year warranty and repair work will be done by the brand on request.

tripole rucksack
Efficient Rucksack one could get!

What I Personally Love About Tripole Rucksack

  • It really does feel lighter when carrying
  • Great airflow with the lightweight mesh panel
  • Top pocket which is super handy and useful – I stored my sunglasses, gloves in the top portion of the bag
  • Adjustable shoulder and chest straps that makes it easy to carry

Now that I have shared the pros of this, there are few improvements that can be done to make this product even better. I have listed them below as per my personal experience.

Drawbacks of the Tripole Walker Rucksack

  • The compartment is quite narrow I feel. Army roll packing is what helps, keeping packing cubes inside the bag seemed difficult except smaller cubes.
  • Product should have more colour options I feel, this can give an extra edge to the Walker series.

All in all, I think the Tripole Walker 65 litres rucksack is the perfect bag for travelers who like to go on long trips, enjoy hiking and camping, and are looking for a reliable bag to accompany them on their adventures. If you’re planning a hike or a trek, then carrying high-quality sturdy trek shoes is non-negotiable, here’s my review on Quechua MH100 Trek shoes which saved my ass on Kashmir Great Lakes Trek.

And that is it for the review of the Tripole Walker Rucksack based on my experience traveling with it. Are you also considering to buy this rucksack for your next trip? If you have any questions regarding the rucksack, do not hesitate to ask me in the comments below.

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